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Eat Like a Local
  • Q. What is TABLEALL?

    TABLEALL is an online booking service for high-end restaurants in Japan. Mainly due to language issues, most high-end restaurants in Japan need to be booked through hotel concierge desks, which can be cumbersome and often last minute as these restaurants tend to be fully booked several months in advance.
    TABLEALL solves these issues by allowing you to make these bookings on your own with a few simple clicks.

  • Q. How does it work?

    TABLEALL buys seats from selective restaurants in advance, therefore everything is paid upfront.
    TABLEALL will have inventories of seats which we list on-line. Members can book these seats on our web-site by registering with TABLEALL.

  • Q. How are restaurants selected?

    A unique and memorable dining experience, TABLEALL carefully selects restaurants certain to please our valued members. We dine at all of them as regular customers before embarking on contract negotiations to satisfy ourselves of the highest quality. Quality at TABLEALL is not simply about flavors or ambience; it’s also about the chef’s skill and personality, craftsmanship, artisan ingredients, tableware, interior, exterior, service and hospitality.
    All our restaurants have limited seating enabling the chefs to give each guest the best possible experience. Some chefs have Michelin stars or major restaurant awards. But that’s not our starting criteria. The key is whether the restaurant is loved by local epicureans.
    Our high-end restaurants are booked months in advance by discerning Japanese foodies, but TABLEALL opens the door to new places offering the chance for foreign guests to share in this passion for Japanese culinary arts. That is our mission and we look forward to making your next stay in Japan a deliciously memorable one.

  • Q. Are bookings only available for 2 people?

    Our inventory (the seats we buy):
    For restaurants with counter seat bookings, the available seats are only 2 on the web site.
    For restaurants with private room bookings, you can choose the number of people for your party.

    Reservation request:
    Please send us “reservation request” from the calendar of each restaurant page for any inquires for the seats that are not from out inventory.

  • Q. Is it possible to book for one person only?

    Yes, we can book for one person as long as the restaurant accepts it. Most of the restaurants accept one person booking. Please send us a reservation request.

  • Q. Is it possible to make a lunch reservation?

    Yes, if the restaurant is opened for lunch, we can contact the restaurant for booking. Please send us a reservation request.

  • Q. Can you book restaurants that are not listed?

    No. We can only book for our partner restaurants. We would like to hear your restaurant "wish list" for our future partnerships. Please email us.

  • Q. What is included in pricing?

    The price includes a full course menu charge, service charge, tax and handling fee. The offered full course is usually the best available course at most of the restaurants. If you do not order anything in addition when visiting the restaurant, there is no additional payment necessary. If you order additional food or drinks, please pay for it at the restaurant.

  • Q. Is there a membership fee?

    We don’t charge anything as annual fee or membership fee.
    It’s free to be a member.
    Our charge is 8000 yen per seat for booking fee only.

  • Q. Why is credit card information required?

    We need your credit card information to hold and guarantee a seat for you.
    As TABLEALL holds seats as inventory, we charge a cancellation fee. In the case of cancellation, we will refund you based on this cancellation policy.

  • Q. What is your cancellation policy?

    Please note that booking fee is NOT refundable at any point. We will refund you based on the below cancellation penalty.
    (Group of 3 or less people for dinner reservation in Tokyo)
    – Less than 14 days to 8 days prior to booking date: 50.0% of total pricing excluding booking fee.
    – Less than 7 days to 3 days prior to booking date: 70.0% of total pricing excluding booking fee.
    – Less than 48 hours prior to booking time: 100% of total pricing excluding booking fee.

    (Group of 4 or more people, any private room booking, lunch booking or all restaurants other than in Tokyo)
    – Less than 14 days to 8 days prior to booking date: 70.0% of total pricing excluding booking fee.
    – Less than 7 days to 3 days prior to booking date: 80.0% of total pricing excluding booking fee.
    – Less than 48 hours prior to booking time: 100% of total pricing excluding booking fee.

  • Q. What happens if I am late for the reserved time?

    Your reservation with TABLEALL has a time limit, with the typical slot being 2 to 2.5 hours long. If you are late by more than 30 mins, the restaurants will not serve you as there is not enough time to finish the full course.
    We will regard the booking as NO-SHOW if you are late by more than 30 minutes. It would be best to arrive slightly earlier than the reserved time for the best experience

Membership Code
  • Q. What is the Membership Code?

    Our Membership Code aims to ensure good conduct of both our members and partner restaurants. The quality of our memberships will help us partner with high quality restaurants.
    TABLEALL might terminate the membership immediately for the below behavior
    – No-Show: Please make sure you cancel your booking via the system. If you don’t cancel and do NOT Show, we will terminate your membership right away regardless of cancellation charges.
    – Dress Code: All the restaurants require a minimum “business casual” dress code. Please avoid sandals, shorts and sleeveless tops for male members.
    – Perfume: All restaurants are small and cozy counter only restaurants. Please do not wear perfume as other customers may not like it.

Eat Like a Local
  • Q. What can TABLEALL offer before your visit?

    It is often difficult to find good English information on restaurants in Japan. TABLEALL provides in-depth interviews and photo shoots by professionals to introduce the restaurants to you. You will have a glimpse of the chef, tableware, interior and exterior of the restaurants. We hope they make you excited before your visit!

  • Q. How does “Message to chef” work?

    We provide an option to write a message to the chef after your visit.
    You can comment on your experience as well as provide personal preference of the food to the chef. These messages will only be delivered to the chef and the restaurants and will NOT be shared with anyone else.
    We have this system to enable restaurants to provide foreign guests the same level of service as Japanese guests, something that is not always easy due to language barriers. Your preferences will be remembered, and you will be treated as a regular customer at your next visit.

  • Q. Why doesn’t TABLEALL have a review system?

    TABLEALL would like to become a bridge between members and restaurants by providing a system to send direct messages to chefs rather than general reviews.
    The chefs would like to treat you better at your next visit from your direct feedback rather than something general.
    We think this system is more meaningful to restaurants and chefs to provide a better experience for our members.

  • Q. What if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

    You can write your food preference and allergies in your profile on the member’s page. Please be as detailed as possible to prevent any problems with the meal.

  • Q. Are you allowed to bring children?

    Most of the restaurants allow children over 16 years old. We can ask each restaurant if needed. Please write that in your reservation request.