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A French-style feast of scrumptious Japanese beef. Open to members and friends only, q+M is the best kept secret for meat-loving foodies in Kyoto. Chef Ryo Sugimoto’s classic recipes such as tartare and beef stew bring out the meat’s pure and rich umami. Paired with a great and reasonable wine list, this little find promises a memorable evening.

A sister restaurant of Miyoshi, q+M opened in 2023 as a members-only French restaurant specializing in Japanese beef. Located in an old district of Mibu near Shijo Omiya, the restaurant is tucked away inside a boutique hotel that was renovated from townhouses built in the Meiji era. Surrounded by Shinsengumi’s barracks and the Mibu temple, the historic neighborhood is full of ambiance.

The spacious interior is set with stone walls, creating a chic atmosphere. The counter has room for just six seats so guests can watch the action up close and get to know the chef as he prepares the dishes. The restaurant offers two seatings, one at 5pm and another at 8pm to suit your schedule.

"Even though it's a secret restaurant, it has a casual feel to it,” Sugimoto describes. “We want our guests to relax and enjoy delicious Japanese beef through a variety of dishes."



A French-style feast of scrumptious Japanese beef

The French-based omakase course centers on top-grade Japanese wagyu. Sourced from various farms across Japan, the meat is selected based on their conditions, and used selectively to match the day’s menu.

The amuse-bouche is squid-ink gougère with wagyu beef prosciutto. The little choux, kneaded with squid ink, is stuffed with Jerusalem artichoke cream and topped with prosciutto made from Kobe beef. The flavor of the cream changes with the season.

Beef and squid tartare is served as a bruschetta on homemade bread smeared with smoked mayonnaise. Garnished with red onion and dill, the rich flavors blend together in your mouth.

A beautiful green salad follows to cleanse your palette. Green beans, snap peas, kiwi, asparagus and Moroccan green beans are tossed in a light dressing and drizzled with vegetable puree and chrysanthemum greens sauce. The turquoise plate makes the fresh colors even more vibrant.

Grilled beltfish, is seared over charcoal and draped in a fragrant butter sauce made from lily root, green beans and raw Awaji seaweed.

The signature beef stew is rich and full of flavor. Using brisket, the stew is simmered in a light, soupy demi-glace sauce. Served with fresh bread from Cruz, a popular local bakery, make sure to mop up the tasty sauce. Filet wagyu steak is grilled to perfection in melted, foamy butter. The juicy meat is served with a rich red wine and truffle sauce. Every bite unleashes umami in your mouth, allowing you to savor the pure flavor of the red meat.

Sugimoto procures the beef based on quality over brand. He consults with a trusted butcher and purchases ingredients that suit each dish on the menu. The meat comes from various prefectures, including Kagoshima, Hyogo, Shimane and Shiga. Batches of high quality beef arrive at the restaurant in the best condition. Fresh seafood comes from a wholesaler at Kyoto Central Market.

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Ryo Sugimoto

Ryo Sugimoto was born in Osaka in 1988. Raised by working parents, he grew up wanting to learn a trade that he could continue working in for a long time. He began his culinary training by joining a restaurant instead of attending a school. After working at a bistro, he joined a famous French restaurant in Osaka where he discovered his passion for the cuisine. He was later asked to help the launch of Motoi in Kyoto where he further deepened his understanding of French techniques.

"You can't learn all the techniques in just a few years,” he says. “I would go eat at French restaurants and teach myself new techniques by watching YouTube videos of famous chefs. I tried to grow in my own way.”

Previous to opening q+M, Sugimoto worked as head chef of KANEGURA, another meat specialty restaurant produced by Miyoshi. As the sole chef at q+M, he is responsible for everything from preparing to serving. While making sure he pays careful attention to every dish, he takes his time to get to know his guests and offer his warm hospitality.

While the restaurant remains exclusive to members and friends, Sugimoto hopes to expand the customer base through word of mouth. He hopes more guests will visit from outside Japan to enjoy his wagyu cuisine.


It’s great news for wine lovers that the restaurant offers excellent vintages at reasonable prices. Offering many choices by glass or bottle, the selection offers reds, whites and sparkling wines that pair well with q+M’s menu. Some of the recommended white wines include Savigny-les-Beaune Blanc from Burgundy, Gewürztraminer from Alsace and Au Bon Climat from Santa Barbara. Corton Les Renardes, Clos Saint-Denis and Morey-Saint-Denis from Burgundy are among their red favorites.


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  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
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