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Lured by the region’s affluent culture, Osaka-born Seijiro Koizumi brings top-level tempura to the culinary stage of Kanazawa. Set inside a graceful traditional Japanese house, Tempura Koizumi is among the few restaurants in the city that specializes in the art of tempura. Using fresh seafood from local ports and traditional vegetables handpicked by the chef himself, this Michelin pick stands out as a local favorite.

When Tempura Koizumi opened in 2010 at a central location in Katamachi, it quickly became a favorite among gourmands for its superb tempura. Five years later, it moved into a traditional Japanese house in a quiet residential neighborhood. The move to the current location allowed the restaurant to evolve into what the chef has always wanted. “I believe it was fate that we came across this property,” Koizumi recalls as he looks around the charming house. “Our guests can enjoy a slower and quieter meal here.”

The old house belonged to a family who ran a dressmaking school in the old western-style mansion next door. He said he found the contrast between the Japanese house and the western mansion intriguing.

An Osaka native, Koizumi built his culinary experience working at top restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka. “I just always loved Kanazawa,” he says when asked why he decided to open his restaurant here. “It has this wonderful charm that doesn’t exist in big cities. The choice of produce is abundant, the people are warm and the level of cultural appreciation is incredibly high. ”

Not only did he work at tempura restaurants, he also trained at traditional Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. “I wanted to open my own Japanese restaurant that focused on tempura,” he says. “It was important for me to work at a sushi restaurant as well so I could learn how to interact and work right in front of the guests.”



Assortment of seasonal flavors

The omakase menu at Tempura Koizumi takes you through an assortment of seasonal flavors, reflecting the chef’s talent that extends across different Japanese specialities. The meal starts with delightful small plates, sashimi and soup that are just as exquisite as the main tempura courses.

Koizumi’s tempura is light and crisp, and never heavy on the stomach. Each piece of tempura is perfectly sized with a very thin batter, allowing guests to enjoy the entire meal without feeling too full.

The seafood tempura stands out as highlights, which are carefully fried in a blend of safflower oil and other oils. The tempura is served to each guest on its own crockery, selected just for that particular course.

On the menu in the spring, you may see Japanese whiting, big-eyed flatheads and conger eels, as well as local catches like sandfish, tilefish and white shrimp. During the colder months, local specialities include crab and shirako (fish milt).

Tempura is also a wonderful way to savor local traditional vegetables such as wild mushrooms, roots and herbs. Also enjoy choosing your favorite rice dish like tendon (tempura on rice) and tencha (tea over rice and tempura). If you want to try them all, you can just ask for a spoonful of each.

Almost all the fish used at the restaurant is sourced locally and sent directly from ports of Fukui, Himi, Nanao and Kanazawa. Meats and vegetables also come from local farms.

“These days, you can often get ingredients ahead of season but I rather wait,” the chef explains. “I want to serve our guests the best ingredients of the season.”

He often hikes in the mountains to pick wild herbs and plants himself. When in season, he also likes to use unusual ingredients like wild duck.

Their sake selection is remarkable and diverse, stocking as many as 40 different local vintages that pair well with different kinds of tempura.

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Seijiro Koizumi

Born in Osaka, Seijiro Koizumi mastered his tempura skills at top restaurants in Osaka and Tokyo. He also gained additional expertise by working at traditional Japanese restaurants as well as sushi bars. His very own Tempura Koizumi won 2 stars in the Michelin Guide Hokuriku 2021.

“I want to deepen my roots and craftsmanship (in Kanazawa) and have more people enjoy my restaurant,” the chef says. “Perhaps in about 10 years, I want to own a restaurant in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature. I would love to work closely with nearby farmers and fishermen, and all their produce.”

The chef loves it when his friends and former colleagues from Osaka come to visit his restaurant. Entertaining is a true passion for him.  


Lunch (12PM start only)
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  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
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  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
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Tempura Koizumi


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