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Noguchi Jiro

野口 次郎

The door to this hard-to-find members-only restaurant opens to you after ringing an elusive bell. Noguchi Jiro is the lovechild of a chef who simply adores delicious food and who, with his unique worldview, has created a self-described ten-seat circus for entertaining very special guests – a comfortable space to delight and excite dear friends.

You may have heard of Kitashinchi kappo counter dining favorite Noguchi Taro. This is the sister restaurant, or rather the “little brother” restaurant, as the name Jiro is often given to the second son in a family. While the original restaurant can be reserved by first-timers, only special members approved by the chef himself are allowed to dine at Noguchi Jiro. And guests should not take their membership status lightly: guests brought by members many times are not automatically granted membership, and members who fail to dine once a quarter are removed from the list. This is the place for people who truly love this space and treasure Chef Noguchi’s cuisine.

Despite being conveniently located near the entertainment district of Kitashinchi and the business town of Nakanoshima, the entrance is nearly impossible to find. Go along the road that runs next to Noguchi Taro Ramen Kitashinchi in the Dojima neighborhood and ring the doorbell. Someone will hopefully let you in. There is a tiled charcoal grill in front of the textured timber counter, and the wall is covered with ceramic tiles by a revered and beloved ceramic artist, Jun Kawajiri, from Kyoto. Guests can admire the artwork as they sit with wonder and anticipation, excited for what might come next. This is creative cuisine with intimate service, like entertaining friends.



Members-only restaurant

Chef Noguchi is a prodigy who found success in restaurants after working at a foreign-owned company. His dishes may be tricky to eat or have odd names, and sometimes he sets rice straw on fire to smoke ingredients right before guests’ eyes – it is all part of a plan to wow guests and have them fully engage with the food. Be prepared for an exciting meal of six or seven dishes at the crossover of Western and Japanese cuisine that might include shijimi clam soup, chirashi-zushi, and sashimi of yokowa, the name in parts of western Japan for young bluefin tuna. Perhaps you will be treated to carpaccio or a lobster roll before you devour the chef’s famous chicken wings and the closing dish of Noguchi Taro ramen. The last two are signatures you can enjoy every time at Noguchi Jiro, but everything else is determined by the season, annual rituals and events, and available produce.

Whereas guests are served only one of the chef’s specialty chicken wings at Noguchi Taro, here you can devour a signature wing and another with different flavors. Entitled “the world's most delicious” chicken wings, it was an experiment to create the quintessential karaage fried chicken that led Noguchi to this recipe. On a whim, he grilled the chicken over charcoal instead of deep frying, and the result was flavor even the chef could hardly believe. Convinced there was still more scope for improvement, the chef spent two more years perfecting his recipe in which the wings are dry-aged for one day and night in a specialized chicken wing cellar to maximize their umami. Seasoned only with salt and pepper, the rest is about expert grilling techniques and placing the wings to expose them to a range of temperatures to extract the innate flavor. The result is wings that are crisp and aromatic on the outside and plump and juicy on the inside.

A dish of chirashi-zushi in which toppings are artfully scattered over a bed of rice contains an array of luxury ingredients, like shrimp, tuna, squid, ikura salmon roe and crab, stuffed inside a yuzu cup. The sashimi of young tuna is topped with sticky, grated mountain yam and a sauce combining Shaoxing rice wine, soy sauce, sansho Japanese pepper, garlic and chili pepper. Carpaccio may seem simple, but at Noguchi Jiro, it is a taste and texture sensation, perhaps featuring Kagawa Prefecture ishidai parrot fish and Aichi tairagikai pen shell with a sauce of sea urchin and fish liver and tasty garnishes of murame red shiso buds, micro tomato, cumquat and crushed almonds. The steamed lobster with yuzu mayonnaise and paprika is sandwiched in a soft bun with tomato and a shiso leaf and is a master class in fusing Japanese and Western concepts and ingredients.

The finale is Noguchi Taro ramen. The soup is made from an array of umami-rich ocean fare, like oysters and clams, seasoned with several varieties of soy sauce. The bowl can hardly contain the lashings of soft-simmered pork fillet and sumptuous marinated egg that sit alongside the satsuma-age fish cake – a traditional Japanese food with a twist of truffle flavor and aroma.

Children who can appreciate the cuisine are welcome, and if given sufficient notice, the chef may be able to accommodate guests with allergies.

INGREDIENTS Noguchi wants guests to taste the season, so he procures the best each season from markets in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokushima. Noguchi personally selects the items he likes best, and it is the personal trust relationships established through his kappo and ramen eateries and other business forays with producers and suppliers that guarantee quality. Specialty items include tuna from Toyosu Market’s Yamasawa, Banshu Jidori pedigree chicken delivered daily, and A5 rank Hidagyu wagyu beef; seafood and vegetable ingredients are prepared in as simple a manner as possible to maximize their innate qualities.

In addition to champagne and French wines, Noguchi Jiro has an extensive collection of wines from the exclusive Opus One Winery in Napa Valley. Beer and sake lovers will also have no problem finding their favorite libation.

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Taro Noguchi

Taro Noguchi hails from Kyoto. He studied abroad in London during high school and for continuing education until the age of 21 before entering the prestigious Kyoto University. He was hired into a foreign-owned company, where he worked for a while, but his father’s sudden and untimely death threw everything into disarray. Noguchi returned to Kyoto and took over the family automobile business, but as he thought about life, he became determined to live without regret and began to pursue his long-held passion for food.

Putting the family business in his big brother’s hands, Noguchi left in 2009 to open Noguchi Taro, a restaurant escape in Kitashinchi, Osaka. He immediately earned acclaim for his simple yet creative cuisine featuring exquisite ingredients, and the challenge of his life turned into a Michelin star in just the second year of business. He takes a bird' s-eye view, and his perspective has spawned success in his own restaurant and beyond, as an industry advisor, on overseas events, and in the sales of specially designed goods. In 2015, he became a product development advisor to the Ezaki Glico Group, best known for the global hit Pocky. Since 2017, Noguchi has served amazing dishes to foodies at collaborative events in Japan, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, and more.

Noguchi Taro Ramen caused a stir with its unconventional fare when it opened in 2020, and the chef began the planning, development and sales of a range of items through the gourmet food online shop ZEITAG, as well as the all-natural Noguchi Taro Hand Cream. He opened the members-only Noguchi Jiro in 2022.

By changing a concept slightly, the possibilities become limitless. This is the firm belief of Noguchi, who has held numerous popups and a one-month restaurant in the Bahamas in 2017, followed by a stint in Hong Kong. In addition to welcoming many overseas guests to his Osaka venues, Noguchi wishes to expand his operations to New York and beyond. He wants to challenge himself in various business spheres unrestrained by conventional thinking.


Every dish at Noguchi Jiro is presented on ceramic tableware by Kyoto artist Jun Kawajiri. His pieces are dynamic and bright, their appearance all the more striking when topped with Noguchi’s cuisine. From the captivating ceramic tiles in a series titled “Relationships with people” to the wall art and the restroom’s bathroom sink, Kawajiri’s techniques perfectly depict the chef’s playful spirit.


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  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
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Noguchi Jiro

野口 次郎

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