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ぎをん 遠藤

Run by a son of a Kyoto fishmonger, Gion Endo offers an entertaining Kappo-style cuisine using the day’s best catches. With a sharp eye for fine ingredients, Chef Kota Endo uses simple yet skillful techniques to bring out their natural flavors. An exception to their referral-only system, TABLEALL guests enjoy an original omakase menu with fresh sashimi and grilled dishes that cater to the flavors of the season.

Located in the Gion Rakuen alley in Kyoto's old entertainment district, Gion Endo has been adored by local businessmen and geishas since its opening in 2011. The charming street is full of restaurants, cafes and antique shops, surrounding a courtyard with a well and a fire watchtower.

Open to guests by referral only, the restaurant offers authentic kappo-style cuisine. Kappo, which means ‘to cut and to cook,’ features a more intimate and cozy setting where guests get to watch the chef’s cooking up close. From cutting to grilling, Endo swiftly prepares the meal in front of the guests. Helping out at the family business, he grew up learning everything there was to know about seafood. Selecting high-quality ingredients from local markets, he chooses the simplest cooking methods to bring out their authentic flavors.

"We want guests from all over the world to savor the natural flavor of the fish and enjoy the high quality of Japanese cuisine."



An exception to their referral-only system

From conger eel in the summer to pufferfish in the winter, Gion Endo’s eclectic menu changes based on what’s fresh at the local markets. The exclusive TABLEALL omakase course offers about nine traditional dishes from sashimi to main grill dish. Selecting fresh seasonal ingredients and flavors, the menu changes every month.

The first course of the day is firefly squid and rape blossoms with homemade vinegared miso. The light and refreshing flavor opens up your taste buds. The sashimi platter showcases the best catches of the day. The assortment includes tuna, striped jack and sea bream.

The day’s bowl is a clear soup garnished with baby bamboo shoots, wakame seaweed and kinome leaf buds. The flavorful broth is made with first dashi stock and sea bream.

Sea bream aradaki is a hearty dish with its flavorful broth that seeps through your stomach. Using bones and the head for extra flavor, the fish is simmered in sake, soy sauce and mirin. Burdock adds an earthy flavor. Fresh salmon is grilled simply with salt. You can enjoy the sweet fat and soft texture.

The signature grill course offers the best of Japanese meats. The day’s dish is a piece of wagyu aitchbone. Cooked over charcoal, the outside is smokey and crisp while inside soft and juicy. Depending on what is fresh at the market, the main dish can change to chicken or pork.

Seasonal seafood is delivered daily to the restaurant from the family wholesaler. Not only is it fresh, but the quality and variety of fish is one of the best in Kyoto, Endo explains. He sticks to simple cooking methods to bring out the essence of the ingredients. Vegetables and meats are also purchased daily from trusted vendors at the central market.

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Kota Endo

Kota Endo was born in Kyoto in 1985. Helping out with his family business, he grew up learning everything there was to know about fish. Working with his parents, he developed a sharp eye for high-quality seafood and garnered skills in handling and cooking fish. After his older brother took over the store, he decided to pursue a career in the restaurant industry and began training at local eateries. At age 26, he opened Gion Endo to lure local foodies to enjoy great seafood. Since then, he has gained many fans with his kappo-style cuisine.

Endo cherishes his long-time guests who continue revisiting the restaurant. With much appreciation for their trust in his cuisine, he greets them warmly with great food and hospitality.

“My goal for the future is to make this place into a salon-like restaurant where I can serve all kinds of delicious food that I think the guests would love. I hope to continue improving my skills to make that happen.”


Thanks to his long-time relationships with distributors, Endo stocks an impressive collection of fine sake. Many of the bottles he serves are produced only in small qualities and are hard to come by. His favorite vintages include Juyondai, Denshu, Jikon, Zaku and Hiroki. Trying different pairings with each course is a fun part of the meal. Moreover, guests get to enjoy the delicious sake at reasonable prices.


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  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
  • The price includes our booking fee of ¥8,000
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Gion Endo

ぎをん 遠藤

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